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Beaded Bracelets

  • How do I care for my bracelets?
    Try to avoid getting them wet, try to avoid exposing your bracelets to extreme temperatures.
  • Will the bracelet easily break or stretch out on me?
    Our string is 1mm thick, compared to other bracelets that are made with 0.5-0.8mm string. We use the thicker string to minimize the amount of unnecessary stretching to your bracelets.
  • How do I know what size to buy?
    Refer to our size chart below: X-small - 6.5 inches Small - 7 inches Medium - 7.5 inches Large - 8 inches Once you find your wrist measurement, add 0.5 to the size of the bracelet. Example; if your wrist is 7 inches you would need 7.5, which is a medium.
  • How do I measure my wrist?
    With a measuring tape, measure around the area of your wrist where the bracelet will be worn. For most, this will be right above the wrist bone.
  • What if my size is not on the chart?
    Purchase the bracelet of your choice, select the size closest to yours; Send us an email with your order number and your proper size and we can make it for you. *Please allow 48 hours for us to get back to you with confirmation*
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