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SKU: 2017-43

A symbol of everlasting love, balance, clarity, and inner strength. The April birthstone is known as the "King of all Birthstones". It is believed that the wearer will always find success in their work and become an example of true strength.

  • Details

    8mm Clear Crystal Bead with option of 8mm Matte Howlite Beads or 8mm Matte Black Onyx and silver spacer accents

  • Size Guide

    Size Inches
    X-small 6.5 inches
    Small 7 inches
    Medium 7.5 inches
    Large 8 inches


    Once you find your wrist measurement, add 0.5 to the size of the bracelet. Example; if your wrist is 7 inches you would need 7.5, which is a medium.


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