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SKU: 2017-66

Protector allows us to deal with the evils and negative emotions we encounter when least expected. Protector reminds us to relinquish attempting to control the things we cannot, and trust the protective forces that come from spreading goodness to others.

  • Details

    8mm Blue Tiger Eye Beads, with 3 Silver Hexagon Spacers, 2 4mm Silver beads and 1 Evil Hand Charm

  • Size Guide


    Size Inches
    X-small 6.5 inches
    Small 7 inches
    Medium 7.5 inches
    Large 8 inches


    Once you find your wrist measurement, add 0.5 to the size of the bracelet. Example; if your wrist is 7 inches you would need 7.5, which is a medium.


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